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Introduction to American Boarding Schools

USA Boarding School Information

If you are considering completing a secondary education in the United States, attending an American boarding school may be the best match for your educational goals. US boarding schools offer the same educational experience as a public high school, except the students live on campus and must abide by the school's rules and regulations while they are students.

American boarding schools are designed for both foreign students and U.S. citizens, and often provide a more intensive, rigorous curriculum than the average public high school. Those who graduate from an American boarding school may be able to continue their education at a local college or university with the help of placement counselors and providers available on campus.

Applying to American Boarding Schools

If you are a foreign student, you will need to obtain a U.S. student visa and submit an international student application to different US boarding schools. The application process varies by school, but most require the payment of fees upfront, transcripts or proof of completion of previous education in the student's native country and references or recommendation letters.

What to Expect at US Boarding Schools

Every boarding school in the United States has its own code of conduct, academic standards, and community rules and regulations. Most students attending an American boarding school learn about these standards and rules upon orientation, and they may be assigned a counselor or advisor to help them adjust to the new environment.

US boarding schools typically have set schedules where students are required to attend class for several hours each day, and have a scheduled leisure time for extracurricular or personal activities. American boarding schools also have curfews, and may provide transportation for students to explore the city and participate in off-campus activities.

During the last year or final semesters at the US boarding school, a placement counselor or advisor may help the student work through the college admissions and application process, provide references, and help the student secure a seat at their preferred college.

Benefits of Attending an American Boarding School

Attending a secondary education institution in the United States can be intimidating, but American boarding schools can make the transition to the U.S. lifestyle easier for foreign students. Many US boarding schools provide extracurricular activities, programs and workshops for international students so that they can adjust and learn about the American culture with ease.

Placement counselors at these schools can also offer assistance with filling out college applications, teaching students about their university or college options, and providing tours of the campus so that the student can become better situated with their new environment.

Other benefits of attending an American boarding school, instead of a public school in the United States, include:

  • Easy access to assistance as a foreign student

  • Ability to network with students and teachers on campus

  • Complete immersion experience into U.S. culture

  • All-inclusive housing and food options to make living in the U.S. financially viable

  • Balance of rules and freedom so that the student does not feel overwhelmed or intimidated about studying and living in a new country

  • Improve English language skills

  • Build and maintain friendships with international students

Reasons to Attend a USA Boarding School

Many students who wish to attend a college or university in the United States can benefit from attending a USA boarding school to prepare for college life overseas. Both foreign students and citizens of the United States can enjoy a rewarding educational experience when attending an American boarding school, and there are several reasons to choose this type of educational track instead of a traditional public high school. Some of these reasons include:

  • Intensive study and rigorous academic program. Students who wish to attend a well-known college or university will need to work hard to achieve good grades and maintain a strong educational track record. This process may become easier when they attend a US boarding school, because these schools can be very academically challenging, and provide students with intensive educational training.

  • Learning responsibility. Attending an American boarding school provides a lot of freedom and makes the student become more responsible for their actions. Students attending US boarding schools learn self-discipline, and are bound by an honor code instilled by the educational institution.

  • Small class sizes. Most classes at an American boarding school have between 15 to 20 students, while a public school may have upward of 30 students per session. Smaller class sizes mean the student gets more attention from the teacher, and may be able to participate in class discussions and other projects with ease.

  • Education-focused atmosphere. Many public schools in the United States have a strong focus on sports and extracurricular activities, which can limit the student's ability to excel academically. American boarding schools, on the other hand, are typically focused on academics, but still make time for leisure and recreational activities. This type of environment encourages learning and helps the student stay focused on their educational goals.

  • Learning about a new culture. Foreign students attending a US boarding school have the opportunity to learn about a new culture, and network with peers and teachers to learn about the norms and habits of the typical American lifestyle. This immersion experience can make it much easier to adjust to the college or university that they choose to attend after graduation.

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